After the Toyota Corolla finally died a few weeks ago, we needed to get
a new car as the repairs simply just weren’t worth it as who knew when it
would crap out on us again. So after a little price/fuel related research Sam
& I decided to go test drive a Suzuki Swift but because they only had a manual I
got the pleasure of being the one who did the test drive (thanks for not learning
to drive manual Sam 😝). Long story short I instantly loved the car and
decided we needed it so now we have a brand new swift in the garage.

You can shine no matter what you’re made of

I have admired these leggings from afar and finally picked them up at the Gold Coast
sample sale earlier in the year. The print was too
awesome to resist any longer,
I felt like I was some sort of super cool robot.

Despite being on the small side of medium and myself being a large I seem to be able to comfortably get into them and wear them around, I just wouldn’t dare, bend over or sit down. Hopefully they stretch over time and I can actually wear them outside the house.

“You can shine no matter what you’re made of.” – Bigweld (Robots, 2005)

Top: White Mens V Neck // Kmart
Leggings: Mecha Leggings // Black Milk Clothing
Watch: Pebble Smart Watch // Pebble

Beauty is a sign of intelligence.

 Finally getting around to a specific post for my inside out dress(IOD),
Well at least one side of the Mucha Black Vs La Trappistine IOD, I keep favouring
the La Trappistine side 
as it is the most flattering side of the dress when it comes to my skin.

I jumped at the chance to own this dress back in February, I mean a dress that has two different
sides and both sides are artworks by Alfons Mucha, I would have been crazy to say no!

This dress also came in super handy when I was completing assessments for my first trimester
of graphic design. Both my Drawing & Colour and Visual Communication classes had
art movement assessments, I was pretty much begging for art nouveau even doing a redraw
when it came to picking the movements out of a bowl. I ended up combining Star Wars &
Alfons Mucha’s style to have art nouveau princess leia seasonal menu covers.

“Beauty is a sign of intelligence.” – Andy Warhol

Dress: Mucha Black Vs La Trappistine Inside Out Dress // Black Milk Clothing
Watch: Pebble Smart Watch // Pebble

Mulled Wine Velvet

Finally getting around to wearing pieces that were bought as christmas presents
for me. It has been far too hot to wear this beautiful velvet mulled wine evil
cheerleader 2.0 but we are pretty much in winter, which means I can wear it when I want.

Despite sizing up from my usual size(medium) in skater dresses to a large for this dress,
it is still a little tight in the chest but it does start to stretch the more you wear it so its
not the end of the world that it was tighter when I first received it. The velvet has a
nice feel to it when you run your hand along it and in the light it has a nice shine.

Today also happens to be Day 12 of Black Milk’s pic a day may
challenge so here is a bonus photo of Sam & I in our Black Milk.

Dress: Velvet Mulled Wine Evil Cheerleader 2.0 // Black Milk Clothing
Watch: Pebble Smart Watch // Pebble

Leggings: Mecha Leggings // Black Milk Clothing
Shirt: Blue Pillars LA Tee // Black Milk Clothing
Watch: Pebble Smart Watch // Pebble

Fairy Dust

I got a pretty new black milk item in the mail today, I
swapped my Love Ya Bits shorties for a Fairy Dust pink skater skirt!
It’s so amazing and made of a super stretchy material which makes my
not so little tummy extremely happy. Even the length of the skirt is great,
I don’t have to worry about flashing people constantly.


I paired this beautiful skirt with a crop that I luckily bought
at the Gold Coast sample sale a few months ago which is also
the only one I own but I think I am now team crop all the things!

Anyway, I really cannot wait to wear the living
daylights out of this beautiful skirt!


Top: Fresh Prints Rave Reversible Crop // Black Milk Clothing
Skirt: Fairy Dust Pink Skater Skirt // Black Milk Clothing

Whats in your head?

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t done a post like this in five
months! So I got up off my butt and started to work with Sam’s 70D for
some new posts. Funnily enough I’ve become so rusty that I enjoyed the
photo Sam took on my iPhone 6 Plus far more than I liked anything
I took with the camera, tripod and self timer but oh well, that’s life.

I bought these shoes with money mum gave me for christmas last
year  but apparently I have never really gotten around to wearing
them thanks to the fact my converse are comfy as all hell. 
got around to styling them and actually going out in them! So here’s
a shot from just before I went to the airport to pick up a friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset“What’s in your head, in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie?”
– The Cranberries

Top: Zombie Nation Touchdown // Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Supra Skytop // Supra
Watch: Pebble Smartwatch // Pebble

Photo credit: Sam Heathfield

Amazing Luck

I tried to gain three different Soundwave tickets this week for the Sunday so I could see Faith No 10523785_1800918856798898_636357901479081484_nMore and none of them panned out, I got screwed on every one of them. I decided to go to the Gallery Of Modern Art instead which I really enjoyed, as I was leaving I got a call from the Carindale apple store(which is no where near my gold coast home) to tell me that my macbook was ready, I went and picked that up, receiving free bus travel to and from Westfield, my Macbook Pro safely in my hands, as I got on an airport to gold coast train I got a message regarding a Soundwave ticket and I decided to do it, almost throwing my macbook at Sam when I got off the train to get back on the next Brisbane bound train.

I turned up at the RNA in the hopes of getting this ticket and the guy was screwing me, telling me he couldn’t get out of the gates so I was feeling disappointed once again, instead I had a guy say to me “hey wanna make some money?”, I was wondering what his deal was, turns out his friend from Western Australia couldn’t be there and he had an unused two day ticket that he wanted to give me to sell onwards while he went home, instead I checked that it was a valid ticket only to use it to gain entry, I was in! I saw Faith No More for the second time in my twenty years of life.

It was the greatest experience of my whole life and I am so extremely grateful for this random guy, so with that being said thank you Nathan Morrison(name on the ticket) you made me one very happy girl.