Cooking Skills

IMG_8887My parents left to pack up my grandparents house on Friday night so I have been responsible for my own cooking since Saturday as I’m home alone. Sam & I went out to the next Mexican restaurant in Lismore, Black Sombrero on Saturday night, we shared nachos & chorizo as well as having a jalapeño popper each, was great food even if the poppers were chillies stuffed with some form of filling made entirely by satan himself, I actually ate about 1/3 of it all at once just to finish it off and be able to say I made it through a jalapeño popper, instead I found myself in tears because my mouth, tongue and throat were on fire! however it was a cute date with one of my favourite people involving one of my favourite things.

I cooked my first meal tonight since my parents left, usually I stick to the only things I know, two minute noodles, butter chicken, spaghetti bolognese or toast, instead I decided to try something new and made teriyaki beef with noodles and vegetables(pictured above). I marinated the meat for about an hour in the store bought teriyaki sauce, made a microwave bag of steamed vegetables and followed the instructions on the noodle packet. After cooking the beef a little I took it out of the pan to rest before cutting, while waiting for that I tossed the vegetables through the left over sauce in the pan just to get the flavour all over. Honestly I am amazed with how it came out, I never thought I could make anything that tasted that good and I will definitely be cooking this or something similar in the future.

After a bit of boredom I did some googling and found a really interesting recipe for apple chips, which can be found here, they turned out great and I look forward to eating them as snacks over the next few days. Will most likely attempt these avocado & tuna sushi sandwiches sometime tomorrow & eventually will try baked zucchini fritters. I also received some interesting star fruits from my brother’s girlfriend today so I’m wondering how I will use them. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve the skills necessary to survive on my own over the next few days!

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